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EPIC powder has developed a variety of powder coating modification equipment

EPIC Powder, a leading manufacturer of powder processing equipment, has recently developed a range of powder surface modification equipment that can modify the surface chemistry and morphology of powders for various industrial applications. The company’s powder surface modification equipment includes three-roller coating machine, pin mill, and turbo mill, among others.

Powder surface modification is a process of altering the surface properties of powders to improve their performance in specific applications. The surface modification process can change the surface energy, hydrophobicity, and chemical reactivity of powders, making them more suitable for specific industrial applications. For example, surface modified powders can be used as catalysts, pigments, fillers, and additives in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and coatings.

Three-Roller Coating Machine

Coating machine consists of three units of mixing rooms. High-speed rotation creates great vortex flow inside these special-shaped rooms. Powder and coating agent are mixed in the high-speed gas-solid vortex flows. Coating machine with both surface coating and particle dispersing functions is suitable for various powders with different fineness, and has a unique coating effect for the materials with small apparent specific gravity and high volume to weight ratio.

Three-Roller Coating Machine

Pin Mill Coating Machine

The materials are uniformly fed into the grinding chamber by the feeding system, and are strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding movable disk. At the same time, they are subjected to various comprehensive forces such as friction, shearing, and collision between the static disk and the gear ring, so that the materials are crushed. According to the different properties of the materials, the grinding movable disk and the static disk can be combined with different structures to meet the crushing needs of different materials.

Pin Mill

Turbo Mill Coating Machine

Turbo Mill is different from other kinds of grinders. Raw materials will be ground via the force of cutting, impact, innumerable high speed vortex and high frequency vibratory. Not only the raw materials with tough flexibility and high fiber, but also high heat-sensitivity can be ground completely.

In conclusion, EPIC Powder’s range of powder surface modification equipment offers a versatile and efficient solution for modifying the surface properties of powders for various industrial applications. The fluidized bed reactors, spray dryers, and rotary calciners can handle a wide range of powders and surface modifiers and can produce a uniform and consistent surface modification of powders. EPIC Powder’s commitment to innovation and quality makes it a trusted partner for powder processing solutions.

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